Together is a game about an artist that follows his passion  while trying to sustain his family.

Share your drawings on the comments!!! :D


Made in 13h for the Ludum Dare 43 Jam by:

 Carlos "carlosvvk" Izquierdo and Alberto "_beta" Mellado.



Everything is controlled by mouse. Paint by left clicking. 


If you do not know what to do:

When you are done click the green check over the canvas.



This was my 10th Ludum Dare entry and I am really happy with the result.  Working with apes is always funny, and I think we made a really creative and fun experience. Hope you enjoy it! :D


This was a top secret project meanwhile we were working. We struggled a bit because of this but it went pretty well. Share your drawings on Twitter!!


Written in C# on Unity.


Unity, Adobe Photoshop and Audacity





Download 16 MB


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This was really sweet :')